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Sport nutrition refers to the diet as it relates to athletic performance.  There are different types of physical fitness such as cardio-respiratory, strength training, flexibility.  All these different forms of fitness require specialized diets to maximize performance. Every Individual is different not only within their own metabolism but also in there activity level.  With so much information out there and everyone trying to sell products it can be hard to find out what can really help enhance performance. Eating the wrong foods at the wrong times as well as over supplementation is a common mistake with beginners, correcting these with proper meal plans will help save you time in getting to your fitness goal.  With more advanced athletes tweaks to their diet can help give them that boost that will take them to the next level of performance.

As a Dietitian I have studied sport nutrition in Scotland under the instruction of trainers of the British Olympic Athletic Teams.  In order to personalize a sport nutrition plan I work with clients one on one to find out the type of activity, intensity, duration, foods eaten, allergies and ultimately their goal. I work one on one with people of various fitness levels ranging from professional competitive athletes all the way to average people wishing to maximize their workouts.

I will work with you to help achieve your goals whether you are a competitive athlete wishing to enhance performance or you are just starting out and want to reduce fat mass and increase muscle.   When it comes to sport nutrition its not only vital to know what types of food to eat, but also when to eat them.  I will find out the best options to suit your needs in terms of meal plans, vitamins, minerals and sport/energy drinks.

The link below will take you to a diet assessment questionnaire necessary for building your personalized menu plan.  Click below and you will be one step closer to achieving your fitness goal.

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