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Pregnancy is a very exciting time in a woman’s life, but it can also be overwhelming. Proper nutrition for the mother is vital within all stages, whether you are trying to conceive, are pregnant already or are breastfeeding.   Proper vitamins, minerals and foods should be eaten prior to becoming pregnant to ensure the proper development in first trimester.  As pregnancy progresses you may be asking yourself how much weight should I gain? what foods should I eat?  which should I avoid?  Some women develop high of low blood pressure, gestational diabetes or other complications and thus need more specialized nutrition guidance.

After giving birth many women do not know whether to bottle or breastfeed their children.   Finding out the pros and cons to each feeding method and discussing these options, can help you make the informed decision without feeling overwhelmed. Breastfeeding women also need to consider proper nutrition and avoidance of certain foods whose strong flavours or allergens that are transmitted through the milk.  With the different stages of pregnancy each with specific guidelines having a personal nutrition consultant along the way will make the journey less confusing.

I am here to provide my clients with  concrete information and guidance based on the most up to date clinical research.  Throughout my undergraduate and postgraduate dietetics education I have studied extensively on nutrition throughout the lifespan.  Starting from the mothers preconception overall health, to pregnancy, breastfeeding, and post pregnancy weight loss.  I will share my knowledge tips and tricks with you on this incredible journey and provide you with a personalized approach.  Every women varies in shape, size, background, culture and medical conditions; therefore, personalized nutrition is very important to provide the best environment for the growing fetus.  In cases when you develop gestational diabetes or other complications, specific diets will minimize potential risks associated with them or even in cases of early detection prevent their occurrence. The baby’s health and in some cases even potential risk of adulthood illnesses starts from the first day on conception and is dependent on the mother nutrition and care throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding.

No question is ever too big or small and you must remember you are amount the millions of women out there most of them just as excited, confused and worried as you.  By clicking on the link below I will provide you with a free personalized nutrition assessment and get you started on a healthier you and your future baby!!


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