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You’ve heard it all before.  Eat more veggies.  Increase your fiber.  Limit your fat intake.  Have more fish.  Put down the saltshaker.  Be more active.  Don’t smoke.  Don’t drink too much alcohol.  Will following all this general advice really make much of a difference in how well and how long you live?  The short answer is, yes!

If you could grow old in good health without having a heart attack or stoke, diabetes, hypertension or cancer, wouldn’t you do just about anything?  Isn’t making those changes to your diet and activity habits worth it if your health is on the line?  Whatever your state of health is at the current moment it is never too late to make these changes.

As a Dietitian I provide nutritional services on my website handling various clinical or public health related issues. I have 10 years of combined international education, research and work experience within dietetics, health, nutrition and customer service.  I work with clients one on one providing a personalized approach.   The convenience of online nutrition provides my clients with the help, advice and guidance they need right from their home.

I work with clients of various cultural backgrounds handing many different areas of clinical and public health nutrition.

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