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If you are currently living with Diabetes you are among the 370 million others worldwide.  Diabetes Mellitus, with 90 – 95% consisting of type 2, is now the 6th leading cause of death.  Reading these statistics can be a frightening experience but changing your lifestyle and dietary habits can help prevent the progression of this disease and in some cases even reverse its consequences.  Type 2 diabetes is closely related to physical inactivity and obesity, in fact the majority of people who have it are overweight.   With the amount of mixed information on the internet it is easy to get confused and frustrated.  If you are finding yourself overwhelmed and need help handling information such as the glycemic index or carbohydrate load, I have simple yet effective answers.

Weather you have lived with diabetes all your life, have just recently found out you have it or been told that you are at risk, it is never too late to change your eating habits.  To control blood sugar levels in people with this condition specialized diet is very important. As a nutrition consultant I have very specific knowledge of the most up to date information within this area through my extensive clinical nutrition research involving type 2 diabetic patients.  By signing up for a free wellness evaluation you will be one step closer to controlling diabetes whether is it Type 1, Type 2 or gestational.  Let me work with you to come up with an individualized plan to help you gain control on your blood sugar and thus maximize the effects of your medication potentially leading to their reduction.

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