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Whether you have recently suffered a cardiovascular episode or have been told that you are at a risk of one, it can be a frightening experience.  The most common form of cardiovascular disease (CVD) is coronary heart disease which is caused by the accumulation of fats and other materials in the coronary arteries.  Different CVD problems are a reality for many people in the western world: heart attack, coronary bipass, atherosclerosis, angina… etc. Having undergone a CVD condition along with medication, a specific diet is required, in order not only to prevent a re-occurrence but also to strengthen the recovery.

When compared to the people having suffered an CVD attack, an even larger fraction have risk factors associated with CVD: high cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, gender, age and family history.  In these situations being informed that you may be at risk can throw life into a tailspin.  Lifestyle changes focusing on nutrition and healthy living are vital to help prevent any future potential risk and thus lower the chances of disease progression.

As your nutrition consultant I will work with you to help improve your blood lipid profile. My clinical research done in one the the world’s biggest lipid research institues in the world focused on Omega-3 fatty acids and lipid profiling.  Having this extensive knowledge I will focus on your specific need and work out an individualized plan that will help improve you heart health and decrease risks of CVD.  I will work toward your needs, whether that mean lowering your “bad cholesterol” (LDL), decrease blood pressure, losing some weight or are simply looking for a heart healthy diet to reduce your risk factor.

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