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I am a Registered Nutrition with international education, research and work experience which qualify me as a personal nutrition consultant.  Having studied, researched and worked in Canada, UK, and Europe gives me the advantage of working with many different cultures, dietary habits and nationalities.  I have now put together my knowledge and experience from the last 10 years to provide a personalize nutrition approach towards a client’s physical, cultural as well as medical needs.  The food we eat everyday plays a vital role in maintaining good health.  Our nutrition is very important not only in preventing future health problems but also in alleviating symptoms of illnesses, reversing medical problems, maximizing the effectiveness of medication and optimizing overall health and energy. Whether you are having health problems, have been recently informed you are at risk, or simply want to be in the best health possible, it is never to late to put yourself first.

The foundation of my first degree from the, University of British Columbia, focused on nutrition throughout the lifespan stemming from infancy to the elderly life stages.  My masters degree from the University of Aberdeen, School of Medicine based in the UK focused on clinical dietetics, handling medical nutrition problems.  My research performed in Canada as well as in France dealt with not only Cardiovascular Disease but also Diabetes.  Finally my work within the weight loss industry has provided me with a great foundation in helping clients achieve their weight loss goals.

Simply click on any of the links listed below to get more information on some of the major medical and health conditions.  This is a very generalized list and if you have any further questions about nutrition or about any other medical or health problem not listed below please feel free to contact me.

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