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Hi, I’m your new Personal Nutrition Consultant !!

Thank you for visiting my website!  As your Personal Nutrition Consultant I will provide you with an individualised nutrition approach in a wide range of fields: sport nutrition, diabetes, weight loss and cardiovascular disease.   Making dietary and lifestyle changes can help not only to improve overall health and physical appearance but also to prevent, reverse or alleviate symptoms of different medical conditions. I am a Registered Clinical Nutritionist and I have spent many years studying and researching dietetics, qualifying me not only to assess nutrition problems but also to provide dietary advice. Press on the link below to find our more on how you can get started today on working toward a new, healthier you!!

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Sport Nutrition

sport nutrition resizeAre you trying to increase muscle mass while decreasing fat?

Are you looking for a menu plan to help with your workout routine?

Do you have questions regarding supplements (Protein, L-glutamine) ?

Are you an athlete or bodybuilder looking to enhance performance utilizing diet?

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diabetes revisedIs your blood sugar level borderline and you want to prevent progression to diabetes?

Have you been diagnosed with diabetes and are unsure of what foods to eat?

Are you living with type 1 diabetes and need advice on healthy lifestyle changes?

Are you confused with mixed information regarding a diabetic diet and glycemic index?

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Weight Loss

weight lossAre you looking for a way to learn how to lose weight and keep it off?

Has your doctor suggested weight loss due to other health problems?

Are you confused by mixed information from different diet fads and trends?

Are you trying to lose that post pregnancy weight?

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Cardiovascular Disease

Heart Healthy DietAre you interested in finding out more about low sodium and low cholesterol diets?

Have you had a recent cardiovascular episode and are looking to change your dietary habits?

Has your doctor suggested a heart healthy diet due to a heart condition?

Are you at risk for heart problems and looking for a lifestyle change?

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